Real Ear Measurement

Real Ear Measurement

What is Real Ear Measurement?

Real Ear Measurement enables the testing of hearing aid with a probe-microphone. HAC’s audiologist inserts a flexible tube alongside a patient’s hearing aid that terminates between the top of the earmold and eardrum. The tube is connected to a microphone situated outside of the ear. Real Ear Measurement software is used and the results indicate how well the hearing aid is performing enabling the audiologist to make minute adjustments that can have a profound effect upon the listener’s experience.

How important is Real Ear Measurement?


Real Ear Measurement – Since proper assessment of the hearing aid settings is integral to a successful hearing aid fitting, our audiologists will ensure complete compliance to check if the hearing aids are programmed properly. Real Ear Measurement is the most accurate procedure to check the efficacy of the hearing aid and helps in optimizing hearing experience.