Invisible Hearing Aids


Invsible Hearing Aids

Invisible-in-Canal – Invisible Hearing Aids

IIC is the smallest model in Invisible hearing aids which is fully automatic and it is suitable if you have mild to moderately severe hearing loss. It has a custom made shell and all vital electronics are placed individually in the shell, providing an optimum and small fit.

Invisible-in-CanalThe IIC is small enough to be placed very deep inside the ear canal, making it virtually invisible. Its placement allows the users to further benefit from the natural shape of the ear for better localization of sounds. IIC has a big aesthetic advantage as none can actually see that you’re wearing a hearing aid.

A small extension cord that is transparent is attached for easy removal of the hearing aid.


CIC – Smallest ever hearing aid at HAC

The CIC disappears into the ear completely and can be pulled out with a small pull string. CIC Open is equipped with maximum venting for maximum wearing comfort. And CIC Power is suitable for severe hearing losses.

Incredibly natural – both in look and sound.


Hearing Aid Centre offers wide range of invisible hearing aids. From leading hearing aid brands of the world, HAC offers a completely personal in-ear design based on a cast of your ear canalwith digital precision.

In-The-Ear hearing aids:

  • Invisible-Hearing-Aids-2Maximum venting (air channel system for optimum ventilation) for unrivaled wearing comfort
  • Anti-cerumen concepts to protect
    the sensitive technology
  • Express digital manufacturing service
  • Suitable for everything ranging from mild to profound hearing losses with right/left side identification