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Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluations

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Select your little miracles- Hearing Aids. Founded in 1980, Hearing Aid Centre (HAC) has been a pioneer in the healthcare industry pertaining to hearing. The HAC Group does it all, with the combined expertise of professional Audiologists & Technicians, from diagnosis and treatment to finding convenient hearing technology.

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Explore methods of Hearing Diagnostics


Hearing level assessment


Testing Middle ear

BERA Evaluation

Test for hearing pathway till brainstem


Test for Inner ear (vestibule)

Speech Audiometry

Word recognition test


Advanced Diagnostics

Video Head Impulse Test (VHIT)

Test for semicircular canals – inner ear

Voice & Swallowing

Safe & effective voice & swallowing test

Tinnitus Management

Therapy for Noise in ears


Paediatric Care

Early Assessment

Test if have doubt in hearing level

Cortical Responses

Identification of sound at Brain Cortex

Newborn Hearing Screening

Hearing test for newborn babies

Cochlear Implant Assessment

Candidacy for Cochlear Implant Surgery

Auditory Verbal Therapy / Rehabilitation

Speech & language acquisition by therapy

Hearing Protection

Industrial Screening - Customised Hearing Protection

Individuals exposed to noises such as those who work in factories, construction sites, mill workers, musicians and airport personnel need to be frequently screened for hearing deficiencies. Long-term exposure to loud noise can cause hearing damage and unfortunate effects to an individual’s capacity to hear. At HAC, we offer Industrial Hearing Screenings for employees to assess hearing loss and to also update them on preventive measures to protect their hearing.

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Learn the Benefits of Early Intervention Programme

Hearing loss can have an adverse effect on speech, language and social skills of your children. Early identification and management for specific hearing problems will help toddlers to acquire age adequate speech and language skills.

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The easiest way to get the best hearing aids

The best hearing aids may differ from person to person, based on the kind of device. The type of hearing loss you have, your lifestyle and your personal preferences in colour and hearing aid style will all influence the hearing aids you ultimately purchase.

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We offer the best products in the market that rightly fit within your budget range. We value the power of hearing and that is why we have tied up with the leading brands of the world.

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