Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aid Fitting

Do you know how scientific your hearing aid fitting is? HAC is one of the fewest organizations in India to follow live speech and Real Ear Measurement, the international standards of Hearing Aid fitting.

Hearing Aid Fitting – Though it is imperative to select the right hearing aid, the fitting plays a crucial part in optimizing the benefit.  HAC’s expert audiologists conduct thorough hearing tests to measure sounds you can hear at different pitches. Based on these tests, our audiologists provide expert solutions and make recommendations based on your hearing evaluation and communication needs.

Hearing Aid Fitting – HAC’s friendly audiologists will ensure that the hearing aids are providing the right amount of amplification by doing Real Ear Measures. Real Ear Measures allow our expert audiologists to know how loud sounds are in the ear canal by measuring the volume of sound near the eardrum without any hearing aid device in the ear.

Next, the hearing aid will be inserted and is turned on, for our expert audiologists to measure how loud the sound is at the output of the hearing aid in the ear. Our audiologists  will play different volumes of sound from soft to very loud in order to verify that soft sounds are amplified to a comfortable listening level, and that loud sounds are considered loud, but do not exceed your discomfort level.

Since proper assessment of the hearing aid settings is integral to a successful hearing aid fitting, our audiologists will ensure complete compliance to check if the hearing aids are programmed properly. Real Ear Measures ensure that you are getting the appropriate amount of amplification in accordance with the severity of your hearing loss. Once the hearing aids are programmed, our audiologists will then review the care and maintenance of the hearing aids.

Live Speech Mapping


Technology has evolved over the years. HAC’s, audiologists are equipped with new technologies and methods to make the hearing evaluation process and hearing aid programming process more effective.

One of the latest technologies currently in vogue is live speech mapping, a revolutionary method of fitting for hearing aids using speech as a stimulus to help the audiologist adjust hearing aids to the right settings for each user. Live speech mapping is interesting in the sense it makes fitting appointments more interactive and aids successful hearing aid programming using live voices.

Live speech mapping ensures that hearing aids are programmed for each individual’s needs wherein small microphones placed in the ear canal help distinguish differences in how a person is able to hear speech through the hearing aids.

HAC uses high-tech equipment that helps program the hearing aids on a screen in real-time enabling the user to participate in the process while making adjustments. 

Benefits of Live Speech Mapping


Live speech mapping is truly a wonderful new technology known for its accuracy compared to other hearing evaluation methods that often need adjustments in programming the hearing aid.

Besides this method also creates a much more positive fitting experience as it is interactive where both the family and the wearer will be engaged in the fitting process, making it a joint affair.

Usually a person with a hearing loss may not be able to fully comprehend totally about the extent of hearing loss. Since this is done real-time, one is in a position to see the improvements immediately.

Additional Benefits of Live Speech Mapping:

  • Focuses on the important and basic function of being able to effectively hear human speech
  • Engages both you and your family in the fitting process
  • Provides immediate and tangible results
  • Shown to increase successful outcomes of fittings
  • Increases your confidence and comfort in using your new hearing aids
  • Provides more accurate programming of hearing aids

Real Ear Measurement


Real-ear measurements ensure that your hearing aid fittings are solid and based upon actual data not just predictions. Patients will really appreciate you going the extra mile for them to provide great customer service. And if the patient comes back, complaining that the hearing aid is no longer working like before, real-ear measurements can save you valuable time in troubleshooting the problem

Frequency-Shifting Hearing Aids


Some advanced hearing aids have the capability of transposing amplification in high frequencies (that may be inaudible to your patient) to lower frequencies where your patient can hear them. The device can test these hearing aids with the special test signals. The input frequency is shown as a vertical line on the test screen while the hearing aid response is displayed normally. This allows you to easily see the spectral shift of the hearing aid.

Visible Speech

Visible-Speech-newReal-ear measurements can be performed conventionally using the newly improved Digital Speech signal or you can use Visible Speech with live or pre-recorded actual speech signals. Switch between using the built-in signals and the Visible Speech signals with a simple touch to the screen. Want to see the exact sound level values at the ear? Switch between the graphical and numerical displays with another simple touch of the stylus.

Standards Testing


The device comes with your choice of automated test sequence: ANSI (American), IEC(European/International), or JIS (Japanese). If more than one test sequence is desired, just specify it with your order for a small additional cost. A larger external sound chamber is also available as an option.