Frequency Transposition

Frequency Transposition

Frequency Transposition is one method of amplification toward improved detection and iscrimination of high frequencies; through lowering of high frequencies to a lower-frequency hearing region. Frequency compression (FC) or frequency transposition (FT) can be used for individuals with different configurations of hearing impairment, such as steeply sloping and high-frequency hearing loss (containing high-frequency dead regions).

A key objective when fitting hearing aids to children is to maximize the audibility of high frequency speech cues which are critical in the understanding of spoken language. Recent advances in digital signal processing have enabled the development of hearing aids which offer linear frequency transposition as a new way of accessing these important speech sounds. Transposition of acoustic information from higher to lower frequencies may help people with severe or profound high frequency hearing loss, especially when a ‘dead region’ is present.


Our experts at Hearing Aid Centre have adopted these advanced techniques to ensure better hearing for hearing aid users.

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In-The-Ear hearing instruments are available are available in five different models at HAC, – all of which fit comfortably and securely in your ear. Your hearing professional achieves this by taking an individual impression of your ear canal and then using this template to manufacture your personal hearing instrument with digital precision in just a few days.