FM Systems

FM Systems

FM Systems – Even with the most sophisticated hearing instruments, it is often difficult to understand conversation partners in acoustically challenging situations. Whether it is at work or in conversations with friends, speech understanding becomes a challenge as soon as several people meet.

Understanding in background noise: 


Depending on its microphone mode, the transmitter picks up one or several voices and suppresses unwanted background noises. This increases the clarity and audibility of individual voices.

Understanding over distances: 


The voice is picked up by the transmitter and transmitted wirelessly to the hearing instrument. This bridges the distance between talker and listener, giving the best speech understandability.

Connection to all audio sources:


Audio sources (TV, CD, PC, MP3, etc.) and telephones can be connected to the FM transmitters with the help of the audio input or Bluetooth link.

Introducing MyLink, multi-frequency FM receiver, only at Hearing Aid Centre:

FM Systems – A multi-frequency FM receiver with neck-loop in a stylish design. MyLink is used in combination with a FM transmitter, which will pick up the speaker’s voice. MyLink, makes wireless communication possible for many hearing instrument users who could not benefit from this technology so far. It is easy, universal, and affordable.


No programming is required for fitting. For the end user, using this system is simple as well: switch on the FM transmitter, switch on MyLink, and select T or MT on the hearing instrument, and the connection is established.


Compatible with all brands and styles of hearing instruments, as long as they have a T-coil, including custom products. The device can be used with any FM transmitters. A headset can be attached to the system, making it suitable for listeners without hearing instruments.


An affordable solution because one device can serve two hearing instruments. Together with the affordable EasyLink transmitter, the MyLink-EasyLink bundle is the ideal entry-level wireless solution.