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All your Hearing Care needs just got easier and more accessible. Your trusted Hearing Aid Centre has been serving 1 Lakh customers over the last 40 years & continuing. Call today!

Did you know? 1 in every 3 people suffer from one form of hearing problem or the other. People with hearing loss wait for almost 7 years before seeking aid.

Not anymore! Call now or just fill-up the Call back request form to find the best solution for your Hearing care & Hearing aid needs.

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Hearing Aid Centre is on a mission to cure those who seek hear care help in Erode!

HAC is the most reputed and well-connected Hearing care network in Tamil Nadu. Call now to book your appointment with our Qualified audiologists. We help you & your loved ones indulge in the joy of hearing.

Choose from a range of Hearing Aid devices – Budget friendly Hearing aids to the latest, invisible & Bluetooth powered models made by the leading brands of the world.

Widex Hearing Aids
ReSound Hearing Aids

Diagnostic Audiology

We would love to hear from you! Through our Diagnostic Audiology, we diagnose and treat for a better hearing!

Precounselling for hearing problems

Unsure about how to go about your hearing worries? Don’t worry, we hear you! Get in touch with our experts and determine the best solution for your problem!

Hearing Aid

While we aid your hearing through our expertise, we also have a range of external aids for all your different hearing solutions.

Trial and fitting

Your ear deserves the best fit! Try the hearing aid that fits you the best, and rejoice the gift of sound!

Styles of Hearing Aids


BTE hearing aid is an easy, simple and most popular model.

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ITE Models are more petite, least visible and very convenient to use.

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ITC hearing aids are completely hidden and custom-made.

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CIC models are invisible and placed inside the ear canal.

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