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Pediatric Hearing Assessment

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Did you know that Hearing Loss in children is closely connected to the development of a child’s brain

Managing hearing loss during the growing years is important and HAC helps in early detection of hearing loss.

Development of Brain in a Child

Most children with hearing loss are born to parents with normal hearing and the entire family learns about coping with hearing loss in children. Whether the child has had hearing loss at birth or later in childhood, getting the right solution as early as possible help the child to acquire language/communication skills.

What Causes Hearing Loss in Children?

Middle ear infection (Otitis Media)

Since the tubes that connect the middle ear to the nose aren’t fully formed in children, fluid can build up behind the eardrum. Even if there is no pain or infection, the fluid can affect hearing if it stays there. In severe and long-lasting cases, otitis media can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Problems at birth

Hearing loss in children can be genetic, happen during pregnancy or from prenatal care. Even if a pregnant woman has a health problem or when a baby is born prematurely, hearing loss can occur.

Illness or injury

Young children can lose their hearing after illnesses or severe fever. Besides, head injuries, very loud noises, and some medications can also cause hearing loss.

Pediatric Testing

Symptoms of Hearing Loss in newborns

  • Startling responses not observed for sounds
  • Not responding to your voice
  • Head turning not observed for sounds

Symptoms of Middle Ear Infection in Children

  • Pulling or rub an ear
  • Be constantly cranky for no clear reason
  • Stop paying attention and have little energy
  • Not understand directions
  • Often ask for the TV or radio to be louder
  • Have a fever
  • Have ear pain
Middle Ear Infection
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