Do’s & Don’ts

Dos and Donts of Your Hearing Aids


Dos and Donts of Your Hearing Aids:


  • DO Apply sunscreen at the back of your ear when exposed to sun.
  • DO Cover your ears when exposed to loud noises
  • DO Visit a physician when you experience sudden hearing loss
  • DO Use sterile olive oil if insect gets into the ear. This will drown the insect.
  • DO Keep your ears dry after swim. Make use of dryers.
  • DO Use ear decongestants while flying, if ear block is experienced.


  • DO NOT Listen to music through headsets for a long time.
  • DO NOT Use ear plugs if you have waxing problems
  • DO NOT ignore sudden hearing loss
  • DO NOT Throw light if there is an insect, chances that it might go deeper.
  • DO NOT tilt your ear after swimming, if water seeps in
  • DO NOT add ear drops without prescription