Binaural Signal Processing

Binaural Hearing Aids

Top-quality binaural signal processing

binaural-signal-processing-2It doesn’t get any more natural or comfortable than this: with the BiLink, hearing system wearers can enjoy optimum-level hearing in both ears. Cutting-edge signal processing allows the highest-quality synchronization between high-tech hearing systems. BiPhone allows stereo hearing on the telephone as well. 


A binaural hearing experience with BiLink
Two ears can hear better than one: BiLink wirelessly syncs two hearing systems in terms of program or volume settings as well as signal processing. This binaural Hearing Aids spatial signal processing is what makes speech detection possible in 360° mode, even in very noisy environments. High-resolution sensors also scan the acoustic environment. By coordinating the microphones on the two hearing systems and analyzing the hearing system wearer’s environment, BiLink helps innovative functions like SurroundOptimizer and SpeechBeam+ work as efficiently and exactly as thegroundbreaking ease chip technology allows. BiLink also allows users to stream audio signals through the uDirect 2 remote control or the BiPhone function. In other words, BiLink is the intelligent foundation for a path toward a natural hearing experience.