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Auditory Brainstem Response

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ABR – The Supplementary solution

The Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) test is a helpful tool in determining a child’s ability to hear. Generally, a toddler would go through an ABR test only when it fails the OAE test that indicates a possible hearing loss.

——— Why is an Auditory Brainstem Response test done?
  • A baby fails a newborn hearing screening.
  • A child is too young to do a regular hearing test or has a medical or developmental problem that makes responding to the sounds of a regular hearing test difficult.

ABR test is a safe and painless to see how the hearing nerves and brain respond to sounds. It gives health care professionals information about possible hearing loss.

——— What happens when ABR test done?

The audiologist attaches adhesive recording electrodes on the forehead and ears, and captures and analyses recordings of electric potentials generated by the auditory neural pathway — the network of nerves that move from the ears to the brain. This procedure is performed while the baby is lying down in the sound booth. It is important to remain still and quiet throughout the test, which means that some infants and young children may require sedation as part of preparing for the procedure.

Prepare your child for an ABR

Preparing your child for an ABR test depends on its age. If the baby is younger than 6 months , the test would be done without Seduction. If the baby is 6 months or older, the ABR might be done with seduction. One may have the thought of side-effects of an ABR test.

No, it is totally safe. It does not have any side effects. The healthcare professional indeed will discuss the procedure as a whole before the test is done. ABR is a second chance that you can gift your child today.

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