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History of HAC

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The HAC Story

HAC, a leading manufacturer of the latest hearing aids pioneered by Mr and Mrs NSK saw its humble beginnings in 1980, with a small hearing aid centre in Kodambakkam High Road, Chennai. The company had to work very hard during its initial years, firstly to sensitise people about hearing problems and raise awareness on hearing loss. The pioneers had some set philosophies like doing what is needed rather than what is said. The showroom was more of a service centre with counselling facility for patients. A milestone in the company’s history came with a major advertisement in The Hindu.

Expansive Operations

Growing steadily, the company opened its first branch in Coimbatore in 1987, and a larger clinic in Lokesh Towers in 1991. The specialists underwent an intensive training program in Germany and the company ventured into mould making. The year 1996 was a year of many firsts for the company. They were the first private company to introduce digital hearing aids, and the first to start REM under a budget of ₹ 4 lakhs. They were also the first to bring our Hg aid for ₹60,000.

Dedicated Research, Customized Hearing

The year 1997 saw the opening of their new branch in Hyderabad. The company now owned a lab for custom hearing aids and also introduced customised phase plates as well as REM instruments. The company inaugurated its first UV lab in 1999, for the manufacture of hard and soft moulds. The Speech and Hearing Clinic was established by the company in 2002, where patients with hearing disabilities were treated and trained for a better quality of life.

Facilitated Diagnosis

With dedicated research and hard work, the company introduced screening and diagnostic OAE at SRMC in 2006. The same year also saw the opening of their branch in Anna Nagar. The company introduced the CHAMP Test for Meniere’s disease in 2007 which was a major achievement for them.

Extending The Roots

The year 2013 saw the opening of HAC branches in Madurai, Ramanathapuram and R.S Puram, Coimbatore. The company was the first to get a MOU with the government to carry out pre- as well as post-CI assessment, thus enabling the government to start implant programs for children. In-house service and in-house repair labs were also initiated by the company from 2013 to 2014. Speech labs and swallowing labs were also set up by the company in the coming years. Branches were also established in Adambakkam, Chennai, and a Trichy branch launched by 2020.

Solid Core Principles

The company still goes by the philosophies it started out with; which are:

  • Appropriate selection of hearing aids across age groups.
  • Ethical practice of audiology.
  • Service and products based completely on patients’ interests.
  • Provisions for children from special schools.

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