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With our state-of-the-art procedures, we guide you in finding out your hearing ability. No matter your age, we want you to know your hearing capacity and bridge the gap between that and your pure connection to your loved ones.


Hearing level assessment

Tinitus Management

Therapy for Noise in ears

Speech Audiometry

Word recognition test


Testing Middle ear

Voice & Swallowing

Safe & effective swallowing test

BERA Evaluation

Test for hearing pathway till brainstem

Newborn Hearing Screening

Hearing test for newborn babies

Cochlear Implant Assessment

Candidacy for Cochlear Implant Surgery

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We follow the highest standards of safety to ensure your protection. Our Clinics are perfectly safe for you to visit. Still concerned? Take our Online Hearing Test now & we will call you back with the details.

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Styles of Hearing Aids


BTE hearing aid is an easy, simple and most popular model.

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ITE Models are more petite, least visible and very convenient to use.

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ITC hearing aids are completely hidden and custom-made.

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CIC models are invisible and placed inside the ear canal.

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We offer the best products in the market that rightly fit within your budget range. We value the power of hearing and that is why we have tied up with the leading brands of the world.

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Find the reason for your hearing loss?

Headphone Hearing Loss

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Are Headphones Resulting in Hearing Loss?

Headphones have been revolutionary in recent years. Music sent directly into the ears, made headphones more personalised device to every individual. But now this audio-friendly device is turning out to be deadly for ears. Music blasting in your ears all day can cause hearing loss. According to a WHO study, 1.1 billion people are on the verge of hearing loss due to Headphones and similar audio devices.

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Life Saving Hearing Solution

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Hearing Aid - Life-saving Technology of this Century

Today, technology has reached its zenith. It has made the world faster and efficient. But technology has also turned out to be saving lives and renewing it with new possibilities. Hearing Aids have not only renew people's life but also let them continue a normal life without restriction. The gift of hearing aid have made communication possible for people with total or partial hearing loss.

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